Owner Support & Registry

Repair, Refit and Restoration

Owners of Alden designed boats can benefit from contacting us before they undertake any major repairs, refits or restorations. We can supply copies of drawings and building specifications as needed making it easier to assess the project and often less costly to implement.

Boat Drawings

We encourage owners of Alden designed boats to check their boat files to make sure they include a set of drawings and specifications. Having access to the information these documents give makes boat maintenance and ownership a lot simpler. We can provide a list of the available drawings for all of our designs. All we need to know is the boat’s design number and hull identification letter(s). An Alden design number consists of a maximum of four digits followed by (where more than one boat has been built to the same design) one or two letters. The number can be found on the title block of any John G. Alden drawing already on hand or in some cases, on a plaque located in the boat’s cockpit, companionway or pilothouse.

Important Announcement

With the opening of the new MIT Museum at Kendall, the museum is once again able to provide digital copies of Alden plans. However, plan orders will take several months to fill due to the volume of pent-up demand. Requests sent after the museum opening (October 1, 2022) will be answered in the order received.

To speed up the process, please include the following information in your request: the Alden design number; how you will use the plans (i.e., restoring an existing vessel, building a new vessel, publication, research); and whether you would like a complete plan set or are looking for a specific detail. Digital copies of plans cost $15 apiece. Early Alden designs usually have 6 to 10 plans each; later designs can have between 15 and 30.


Hart Nautical Collection, MIT Museum
265 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA